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I am totally new to Linux. So well after following different Tutorials and How To's I am about to delete Ubuntu and start using Windows again.

I just can't make my graphic drivers work properly with bumblebee. My Machine is an Acer Laptop with 2nd Gen. i5 and a Geforce GT520m.

Well I've been trying different Nvidia drivers so far and different versions of bumblebee.

But I always end up with the same Error:

[ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU - error: [XORG] (EE) No devices detected

Of course I've tried the solutions mentioned on the bumblebees' official site as well as other options from this forum.

Well I know there are dozens of answers to this ERROR, I think I've nearly tried them all and nothing works for me. Or maybe it is that simple that I just don't understand the whole thing.

Either Way, I'm needing help or I'll throw my Laptop through the window soon.

Let me know what further Info I should provide...

thanks a lot

So just to add some Information:

  • I have tried to change the BUS ID manually at "xorg.conf.nvidia"
  • I have changed the driver names at "bumblebee.conf"

  • my current drivers are as follows jaust@Tragcomputer:~$ dpkg -l nvidia-\* | grep '^ii' ii nvidia-304 304.117-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise3 NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library ii nvidia-current 304.117-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise3 Transitional package for nvidia-current ii nvidia-libopencl1-304 304.117-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise3 NVIDIA OpenCL Driver and ICD Loader library ii nvidia-opencl-icd-304 304.117-0ubuntu1~xedgers~precise3 NVIDIA OpenCL ICD ii nvidia-settings 331.20-0ubuntu6~xedgers~precise1 Tool for configuring the NVIDIA graphics driver

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