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Before installing the new Nvidia 331.20 drivers on my Ubuntu 12.04 32bit I decided to update the kernel to 3.12.6 then I start to run the Nvidia update script.

So I switched to terminal mode turned off lightdm

sudo service lightdm stop

then seeing that I tried installing Nvidia 319 in the past purged Nvidia*

sudo apt-get purge Nvidia*

may not have been the smartest idea, unhindered I decided to run the script anyway

sudo sh Nvidia*

after clicking next to the prompts, I got a warning about not being able to install to the dkms so using the prompt options decided to not add it to the dkms "cause why not! famous last words". Then I got an error about not being able to install "Unified memory kernal" so I just ran the script with the option --no-unified-memory and SUCCESS I rebooted. The startup looked great... Then the screen looks like a netbook 640x480.

So I open Nvidia X server only to find nvidia is not being used run nvidia-xconfig restart lightdm and still no luck. I do know how to revert back to the Nvidia 304 but I would like to get the new Nvidia drivers working. All help is appreciated does anyone knowhow to add Nvidia to the dkms or would that be a waste of time?desktop

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Can you run the 'Additional Drivers' utility from the Ubuntu dash? –  steeldriver Jan 3 at 0:38
@steeldriver yes I can, but however the highest availible is the 319 driver which fails to activate however drivers for 304 will work –  Sam Stephenson Jan 3 at 9:28

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