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A little help plz.. So, I bought a touch screen laptop to install dual boot with ubuntu and windows and install cloudera to do some development.

I had issues with setting up dual boot and ran into issue where ubuntu didn't detect my windows so i had to use something else install option. Finally had ubuntu 12.10 installed with GRUB working and could dual boot. Well Cloudera is only supported on ubuntu 12.04 so i created another liveUSB boot and installed 12.04 over 12.10. During install 3 options came up, I picked the option to install over ubuntu.

So then my laptop would only boot into ubuntu, ran boot-repair and now i see option to boot into windows but it is failing. I tried factory restore and it says required partition is missing. I see all the partitions in gparted. not sure how to fix this. any help would be great.


Thanks, Carlo

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