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I'm curious if Firefox OS apps will be possible to use in Ubuntu touch? Will Ubuntu touch have a firefox browser anytime soon? (Seems like the default is webkit at the moment.) Does web apps as first class citizen imply that a web app based OS will be easy to port to ubuntu touch? It's apparently really easy to install these apps in OSX, which is why I'm asking.

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CSS and Javascript apps might not work, but some might - compare Programmed In for Firefox OS & Ubuntu Touch. The problem is, the programs may require different API's to what is available on each OS, meaning that the apps may not have the correct resources to function - imagine trying to make a cup to tea with no water... – Wilf Jan 2 '14 at 17:03
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FirefoxOS apps per se will not work on Ubuntu as the APIs are different. However, as wilf so kindly pointed out above, IF the app is CSS or Javascript it might work.

Will Ubuntu Touch have a Firefox browser anytime soon?

That's up to Firefox: Send them a tweet at @MozPDX and ask.

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How can you have a pure CSS app? – Wilf Jan 3 '14 at 18:23

The html version of my app IqFitFun has almost identical code base on Firefox Os, Ubuntu Touch/Ubuntu Desktop, IOS, Tizen, Windows8, Chrome OS, Facebook and Amazon WebApp. For Android I have a native implementation and for Windows Phone 8 the html version needs extra native code to integrate Web control. Even WebGL works fine, if you have a fallback for platform w/o support. If you need In App Purchasing or gaming community integration, you definitely need different implementations. Same applies to all other platform dependent APIs.

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