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I have a bash script I'm running that plays a station from iHeartRadio in the CLI. I also use it to record a show in the early morning on my RaspPI so I can listen later in the day.

The script works fine, but the Auth code from iHeartRadio changes every 5 to 10 minutes and the time frame changes randomly.

Somehow I have to get the script to detect this and change the url when it changes to keep the show running.

My current code for live is:

rtmpdump --live -r $(wget -O - -q "http://p2.wspd-am.ccomrcdn.com/player/player_dispatcher.html?section=radio&action=listen_live" | sed -n "s|.*primary_location=\"\(rtmp://[^\"]*\)\".*|\1|p") | mplayer -vo null -idle -

and for saving

rtmpdump --live -r $(wget -O - -q "http://p2.wspd-am.ccomrcdn.com/player/player_dispatcher.html?section=radio&action=listen_live" | sed -n "s|.*primary_location=\"\(rtmp://[^\"]*\)\".*|\1|p") > audio.aac

The problem like I said is the changing primary_location which contains an auth code in it and it changes at random time intervals.

How would I keep this updated best?

I thought about running the rtmpdump in the background & then running a while loop with a 30 second sleep to check the url. When the url changes kill the old process and re-spawn. But there has to be a better way to do this and more streamlined.

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