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So for a few months I was dual booting Windows 8 and 13.04 without a problem, then recently I decided to get rid of Windows and replace both OSes with 13.10. The install went fine, I was able to boot into 13.10 once, and then downloaded some updates. After rebooting, the samsung logo shows up, I see a purple screen (presumably from grub), then a black screen with nothing.

I figured it had to do with my video card, like in the top answer here "Black/purple screen after you boot Ubuntu for the first time."

I tried to fix it by booting back into my live usb, but I suppose at some point I changed the bios settings make a hard drive boot take priority over a usb boot. Tried to boot into the bios menu (I've tried every F key), but the same thing happens---Samsung logo for a few seconds, then a purple screen, then a black screen.

I don't think the computer is bricked, since the screen turns purple for a few seconds, but it doesn't seem like I can interact with it in any way. Do I have no option but to send it to Samsung? Any help is appreciated.

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Can you confirm your BIOS is set to Legacy Boot instead of UEFI? If the UEFI line in the BIOS does not call it Legacy Boot, what options are available? –  K7AAY Jan 2 at 23:13
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