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I know the crash reports are stored at /var/crash. But can I do something to check that the report does not contain any sensitive information?

Where can I find the list of reports that I or other users have sent using Apport?

Also how secure and privacy respecting is Apport in general? E.g. if I send a report about Ubunutu Software Center is it possible that it might contain my user password or my gmail password I entered in my browser? If yes, which typical user would in her right mind send an Apport report to Ubuntu?

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Two already answered questions-answers combined, can solve your query.

First : Should I include logs that contain "sensitive information"?

Second: Why did Apport make my bug report private?

If you want to examine the files by your self (in /var/crash) you can do it as well. You can use less pager for example

less /var/crash/someprog.crash 
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