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I set up a mini-DLNA server on my router with dd-wrt. I have a bunch of music and other media files I would like to be able to stream from my router-attached USB drive to my stereo and Android devices.

This media is currently stored on my Ubuntu device. I don't particularly want the Ubnuntu device to have a media server (I think because security? though a media client would be fine), however, I can't see how to get the files onto the drive without turning my Ubuntu device into a media server.

Can anyone point me to some easy instructions for how to dump several folders of video and audio files onto the router's mini-dlna upnp server? I'm using 12.04 if that helps.

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To tackle the security problem: add a new user to your ubuntu system and place a media server into this new user's space.

Copy the media you want to stream on an USB device and then into the new user's folder.

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