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What kinds of phones will work with Ubuntu Touch? Would a T Mobile My Touch work? I have Linux Mint 14 does it work well with Ubuntu Touch or should I consider switching my computer over to Ubuntu as well? I will only consider getting a computer phone if I can install a Linux OS on it.

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Supported Devices

  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7 (however, the newer '2013' Nexus 7 devices are not supported)
  • Nexus 10

What hardware will Ubuntu Touch support? has more detail.

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As of now, there are only so many devices that support the installment of Touch [Ubuntu].

  • Galaxy
  • Nexus
  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7
  • Nexus 10

Of course, there are hacks and ways to flash it on most any Android, but it'd be a stability risk.

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