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I'm trying to install 13.10 (atm Im on 12.04), but this is where i get stuck all the time after booting from USB:


Im using Unetbootin to put Ubuntu on USB, I tried also redownloading the ISO a few times but same problem happen all the time.

I was able to boot 13.10 in the past but now i cant.

Any ideas?

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What is "stuck" ? How much time have you been waiting ? Speed varies according to USB technology, burn quality, ... –  John WH Smith Jan 1 at 21:24
Do you have other devices plugged in at this point to the computer such as external storage? That can slow the process down considerably. Also, is your computer 64-bit or 32-bit? If it is 32-bit, well, the Saucy ISO is 64-bit by default. –  freecode Jan 1 at 23:50
I already managed to install after choosing "try without install" and then installing, thx. –  pawelk Jan 2 at 1:20

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