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I'm in the middle of setting up a mails server at home. For which i'm following this guide,I got the thing up and running but I have encountered the next problem.

I can send mails using thunderbird (the messages appear at the recepient on the mailserver in the /home/user/Maildir/new directory but they don't load into thunderbird if i press: "get mail".

Any toughts ?

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What MDA (Dovecot, Courier) did you install? Postfix has specific configurations you must use for MUA's like Thunderbird to connect to and authenticate with the Postfix SMTP server for retrieving mail. –  douggro Jan 1 at 18:42
I'm using Dovecot –  Dries Van Eyck Jan 1 at 19:46
Please read Postfix SASL HowTo and HowTo: Postfix and Dovecot SASL which guide you through setting up Postfix to allow auth connections to Postfix SMTP. –  douggro Jan 1 at 20:23

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