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I have to resize my ubuntu partition since its running out of space and i am getting warning messages while booting. I searched on internet and got to know that it can be gparted using live CD. I tried that but as the following screenshot shows :

enter image description here

there is no adjacent empty space for /dev/sda9 which have ubuntu installed in it and i dont have any idea that what /dev/sda8 exactly is.

So since it is not possible to resize directly can i first delete /dev/sda8 and then merge it with /dev/sda9 and then this can be merged with unallocated space left to /dev/sda8 and then finally can take some space with /dev/sda6 to make a bigger ubuntu partition.


Is there any other way to do it ? please guide me as i dont want to reinstall ubuntu again with larger space.

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Why don't you check which files you have on that partition (sda8)? Ubuntu should automount it. – Pavel Jan 1 '14 at 8:54

I think there are only one way to solve it - just simply reinstall Ubuntu deleting everything on your hard drive and all existing partitions. Then install again. You've made too much i think :D

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You don't need to reinstall Ubuntu on a different partition.Just follow the below steps,

  • Boot gparted live-disk and make sure that no partitions are mounted.Before deleting a partition please make a backup of important datas present on that.
  • If you don't want the /dev/sda8 then delete it.It will create a unallocated space of 500 MB.

  • To add aditional space to Your Ubuntu partition then you have to resize the dev/sda6 ntfs partition.For this right-click on the /dev/sda6 partition and click on Resize/Move option.

  • After resizing,an unallocated space was created just below to the /dev/sda6.

  • Then Right-click on the /dev/sda9 Ubuntu partition and click on Resize/Move option to increase its size by dragging the arrow to the extreme left.

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