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How to insert Arabic character for superscript alef (like in هٰ) and subscript alef (like in هٖ) from keyboard directly? Are they commonly used in Arabic or only used in Mushaf Uthmani of The Holy Quran?

Actually the subscript alef is not rendered below ه in my computer (Ubuntu Raring), but on the left side of the letter instead. However the superscipt alef is rendered above the letter. I doubt I copied a wrong character :).

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  • Use Character Map find their Unicode code. like U+0656 ARABIC SUBSCRIPT ALEF

  • Then use Ctrl+Shift+u (a small under-lined u shows up), type Unicode code 656

See for other input-method options Cannot type “ć” on Hungarian layout

For faster input, you may modify your current keyboard layout or create a customized one. See these answers:

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If only there's a faster way rather than 7-keyboard-stroke :D – BornToCode Aug 21 '14 at 1:47
@BornToCode, yep there is. updated my answer. – Sneetsher Aug 21 '14 at 8:25

As far as I know:

Shift + Q = هَ

Shift + A = هِ

Shift + W = هً

Shift + S = هٍ

Shift + E = هُ

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