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I have installed 13.10 and everything seems to work fine. However when I try to measure the size of multiple files at the same time the size section does not stop rising. After a while (not the real size) it becomes "0" and start counting again like;


It never stops. When it is multiple objects, it works fine and tells me the real size.

So far I have tried;

-Small sized folders; works -Large sized folders(bigger than 16 Gb per folder); not work -All files in a folder; no work -Some files % folder in a folder; no work -in an External drive; Same scenerios above.. -System folders; when more than 3 folders again no work, less than 3, sometimes work.

I don't know if this is about Ubuntu or Nautilus. I am so new to Ubuntu and Linux world (long time ago I have used many but it has been years) and I know that every part of the OS is independent mostly like a LEGO but still it makes me afraid of that the OS is going to damage my folders.That is the story before I switched to Ubuntu from a Windows 8 adventure, and I have lost 2 HDDs, more than 10000 photos so I am kind of paranoid, and have choosen to go with Ubuntu anymore since there is no virus risk and driver, crack efforts etc. I need a nice and trustable environment to organise & remake my folders, files which are bigger than 400Gb -which I only need 50-60 of them, since many are back ups, recoveries and duplicates from broken disks- right now.

So I am not sure if I should even try to fix Nautilus problem or directly switch to 12.04 LTS even though I loved to have new Unity tweaks and kernel.

BTW my system is a Samsung R580 JS04tr with i5 CPU, 330m GPU, 4Gb of RAM and 750Gb of HDD...


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