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When I try and open a file I downloaded in Chromium, it opens in a text editor. (Geany) I click on the arrow in the download bar and select "Show in folder".

I'm using Chromium daily stable and ubuntu 11.04 (although this was a problem previously under ubuntu 10.10) with Gnome.

I'm not sure where the breakdown is happening. In Chromium, ubuntu or maybe Geany has taken something hostage. Anyone having a similar problem?


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Thats pretty weird and annoying. I hope I can help you a bit into the correct direction :-)

Does it happen with any file type? txt? torrent? mp3?

  • In ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list there is a list of files to be opend by an application. Have a look with more ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list and check if you can find something weird here.

  • There is a nifty command mimeopen that allows you to alter what program should open what file (and that updates the file I mentioned before). It will 'guess' what would be the most logical option based on the file you feed it.


mimeopen -d /home/{your_name}/Documents
Please choose a default application for files of type inode/directory

    1) Open Folder  (nautilus-folder-handler)
    2) Other...

mimeopen -d \[Mazui\]_Ore_No_Imouto_-_14_\[SD\]\[7EA51F50\].mkv 
Please choose a default application for files of type video/x-matroska

    1) Enqueue in SMPlayer  (smplayer_enqueue)
    2) Movie Player  (totem)
    3) SMPlayer  (smplayer)
    4) Banshee  (banshee)
    5) VLC media player  (vlc)
    6) Other...

If it is a problem regarding mimetypes this should solve it.

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Thanks, I looked in mimeapps.list and found this line: inode/directory=geany.desktop;jedit.desktop; After commenting it out, things returned to normal. Thanks! – Dave May 3 '11 at 19:04
That is a nifty command. I like it. – Oli Jul 26 '11 at 13:21
I have this problem but this command did not help. I was able to change the default but the application that's actually opening was not even the list – endolith Jul 1 at 15:16

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