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Brace yourselves my friends, weird stuff is incoming.

My laptop had only one HDD back in the time. My two OpenSuses, my Windows and my Ubuntu were leaving peacefully all together, ruled by the mighty grub. Then the SSD attacked, helped with his faithful caddy. The Ubuntu part was moved into the SSD,the (insanely good) boot-repair utility was launched and everything was fine.

And this is when things started to get weird.

Sometimes, when I boot, I choose Ubuntu, but instead of booting normally... it boots on an older version of my ubuntu. I'm not saying it's switching from 13.10 to 12.4, I'm saying it literally goes back in time, with my old wallpaper, missing my new packages, my files and so on. I have to reboot once or twice and then, magically, I get my actual Ubuntu.

Edit: By the way, I couldn't find any pattern in this behavior. Sometimes it does it after a long time without rebooting, sometimes it doesn't, AC plugged in/off, after going on another OS or not...

I tried running again boot-repair, I checked with grub customizers if the entry "ubuntu" was pointing to the right file system, I checked for older ubuntu versions on both drives, I'm kinda clueless right now, thinking of calling a shaman to perform some voodoo-stuff.

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So, you still have the old disk and that disk still has the old Ubuntu installation in it, on the same system correct? Is it possible that your computer sometimes chooses the SSD for booting and other time the old HDD? –  Bruno Pereira Dec 30 '13 at 9:59
sounds interesting i'll be tracking this question :) and how often do you "fstrim"? –  Meow Dec 30 '13 at 10:00

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