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I can print with no problems with my Epson XP-400 but not scan - which I need to do often for work - there is no support in Linux for Epson xp-400...is there anything I can do? Thanks!

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To get the printer and scanner working:

Install Driver and hplip, Setup using hplip and CUPS

In the software manager, download these hplip CUPS xsane and gocr

  1. Download and install epson-inkjet-printer-201203w_1.0.0-1lsb3.2_amd64.deb from:


Type in "XP-400" in the search box (without quotes).

  1. Run hplip toolbox and select to run CUPS web interface.

  2. Set up printer according to on-screen instructions.

  3. Exit both web interface and hplip, reboot.

NOTE: To set up scanner, use XSane. But remember to turn OFF the firewall or it won't work!

To install xsane

sudo apt-get install xsane

To stop iptables

sudo service ufw stop 
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