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I installed 12.04 with wubi on my asus ul30a and I liked it very much. I want to continue to use it (dual boot). But then win7-64 would not boot, even though it was in the grub menu. It just returned to the grub menu. This deteriorated to "grub rescue" prompt. After a day though, I finally resurrected win7. But now I don't trust grub any more... should i?

Now I would like to resurrect Ubuntu as well. Can I find my current installation that's still sitting there on ntfs and get back to it? Is there a more careful way to install Ubuntu since the liveCD killed win7 the first time? I don't want it to kill win7 again.

Shall I report my single physical disk layout? I think it's just:

  • hidden OEM restore
  • c: win7 system
  • d: win7 data
  • and there are a couple small (scrap?) partitions

I believe I put the ubuntu on C:

Do you want a picture from gparted?

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Try LiveUSB GParted, look what's up with disk. Screenshots are appreciated. –  Xylo Dec 29 '13 at 18:32
How did you do the resurrection" of Win 7. This may give us an idea of what went wrong. Also a screenshot from Gparted would help as things may be in extended partitions. Finally, the idea you installed on "C" shows confusion, C is the name Windows gives its system partition, the name is nothing to do with the partitions themselves. –  Julian Stirling Dec 29 '13 at 19:12
You can't boot the Windows host from the Wubi Grub (it runs after Windows has a chance to boot so setting it default prevents Windows booting). Use a normal dual boot, or leave Windows in charge for Wubi. –  bcbc Dec 30 '13 at 17:45
i resurrected win7 by going to command prompt from win7 repair CD and typing the boot repair command (cont recall the name now.) it worked instantly. but i also had to fool around with gparted on the live CD, hiding the restore partition which had become unhidden, and was throwing off windows drive letters (the restore partition itself showing up as C). then i shrunk the win7 partition from the liveCD and created a swap and a ext4 and continued with the "something else" install. i was then going to migrate the wubi because that works well, but my wubi was missing so i just ran the install. –  gnorm Jan 1 at 19:47

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