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I have tried multiple times to install UBUNTU 13.10 AMD64bit via CD and USB but it always fails in the end and gives the "Unable to install grub in /dev/sda" error.I tried 32 bit and still have the same problem.

I have a custom built PC running on ASUS P8Z68 mother board. I am running Windows 8 64bit and have 3 HARD Disks and one SSD. I want to install UBUNTU alongside as dual boot. I never had problems before I moved to Windows 8 and this new PC.

I had let UBUNTU installer to select the disk for installation. After reading the forums, I tried UEIFbut when I do that, the installer does not show Windows 8 as the operating system on the PC and the only option is to install UBUNTU.

I ran the boot-repair based on some suggestions and got the below output

Boot-Repair showned me the message below but I am not sure what is the impact to Windows 8 if i do that and not sure if this will resolve my issue.

"SFS detected. You may want to retry after converting Windows dynamic partitioning (SFS partitions) to a basic disk"

I am a complete noob and need your advice on what I need to do to make Ubuntu work on my PC.

Many Thanks.

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Maybe this article about DualBootMigration could help you. Dual boot is always a bit tricky and to some degree depends on the hardware (Motherboard, HDDs) you are using.

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