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I just got an ASUS X402CA, it has UEFI and secure boot, system specs are in here:

Im planning to run ubuntu as my main and only OS, i have always setup this partitions, as this is only a desktop: 20 GB on / 8 GB on swap - for suspend and hibernate the rest goes on /home

I have read this: it says that i dont have worry to run ubuntu in UEFI or not if im running ubuntu as the only os. what version of ubuntu do you recommend for this? do i need to add any partition? do i have to disable secure boot, fast startup? anything or is just as simple as install ubuntu. i dont care about windows but i do care about having a system up and functional. thanks in advance.

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I tried to install Ubuntu recently as Dual-Boot with preinstalled Win8.1 UEFI. What Microsoft did there is one hell on earth, so this didnt work.If you really want Ubuntu only there should be no problem: just deactivate the options safe boot and fast boot. to disable fast boot you have to go to win8 options, the other option is in the thing that once was the bios. If you have a raid, turn it off until installation finished,once the installation was successful you can turn it on again.

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