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I retrieved a Mac G5 from a friend, he had no information about it his company was throwing them away so I picked one up. When I powered it looked liked a 12.04 CD was in the tray or the it was installed with Ubuntu.

Without pressing C on the keyboard it has the typical Ubuntu loading screen, loads everything then the screen goes blank. I powered off and powered it again and this like I pressed C to boot from the the tray, I had the Loading Kernel progress, a few minutes passed and nothing went to blank.

I have been using Ubuntu for about a year now and have installed in plenty of times but never went through an issue like this.

Is it possible the person before me had no idea what they were doing and screwed something up?

Or they were using the incorrect ISO for the Mac?

Possible hardware issue?

I want to put on either Arch Linux or a Ubuntu on this machine, but Have no idea how to open the tray from the loading screen, I know for Mac you press the Eject button, but I am using a regular keyboard.

So to had on to my other questions how do I release the tray?

There definitely isn't a Mac OS on this machine,I am almost certain it is Ubuntu.

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