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I'm asking for help installing Ubuntu 64bits on a HP Pavillion 15 through USB.

  • Disabled Fast-boot
  • Disabled Secure Boot
  • Prioritized USB boot

So I boot into GRUB I select either run or install and I get a black screen. If I select Try Ubuntu I have the Ubuntu loading screen then I get a black screen.

I've tried to Enable Legacy support and prioritize USB (something about if legacy is enabled UEFI is still prioritized) and I still have no luck.

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@vivid_vibe not even close... – Darren Dec 28 '13 at 10:18

Try resetting bios to defaults? More info is needed - How did you create your usb boot media? Did you verify that the boot image is correct? What type/size is the usb media?

Also try this:

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