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When I copy files using nautilus, most recently from a NTFS external hdd to a FAT32 usb drive, the system crawls to a stop. Everything, even TTY login is affected. It's impossible to use the machine. I have a new computer, 3rd gen i7, 6 gigs of RAM, and I feel like I shouldn't be having this issue. Has to be a bug. Often times the destinations, as I said above, are both external. My OS is installed on a SSD, and I have a second internal HDD. Copying from these seems fine.

Running Ubuntu 13.10, clean install, 64-bit, fully updated.

Any help is appreciated.

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It is a kernel bug for sure, it has been reported for a while, typically in association with ntfs. As far as I know, the exact details have not been determined, but my understanding is that is has to do with write buffers filling followed by slow write. There is a nice overview here -… , but for details you will have to look at various kernel bugs. Not sure if that exactly applies to you as the exact bug is unknown. – bodhi.zazen Dec 28 '13 at 1:56
But that doesn't seem to deal with the system lag. Everything to do with the system (TTYs, LDM, Unity...) practically stopped. This seems to be a more serious issue than slow copies, as I literally cannot use my computer as the copy crawls along. – clappboard Dec 28 '13 at 18:02