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I have been using Ubuntu from a long time but I had never been in the depth of Ubuntu. At present I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It was getting hanged randomly and fast when I was using Firefox. I search a bit and found that possible solution is to upgrade kernel.

Earlier my kernel was(I am not sure though) 3.5.x something and then I upgrade it to 3.8.8 using this link and then after reboot when I open Ubuntu, graphics which was ugly earlier was perfectly fine but no other peripheral work other then VGA port.

I don't know what I had done wrong, and I am unable to post any other related info as even internet is not working in Ubuntu. Had I done anything wrong like upgrading Linux kernel of Ubuntu 12.04 to a kernel version which is not supported?

please help me.

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Have you configured all the installed packages after installing the kernel? – Saurav Kumar Dec 27 '13 at 14:19
@SauravKumar: How to do so?i don't know, i had upgraded kernel for the very first time – shailendra Dec 27 '13 at 14:23
Ok let me post it. Hope it would work for you too.. – Saurav Kumar Dec 27 '13 at 14:24

Go through following steps to re-configure all the packages installed in you system.

  1. Open the terminal and execute these commands one after other.

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure $(dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}' | grep "^xserver" | tr '\n' ' ')
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a
    sudo update-initramfs -u
    sudo update-grub

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a would take some time approx. 5-10 minutes, bases on the packages installed in your system. So wait for it to finish. It won't give any error or message if executes successfully.

  2. Then restart your system once. You can use following command to restart:

    sudo reboot

Reply if all goes well or you get any trouble at any command or any error message.


Since it is confirmed that the kernel you installed doesn't support, I suggest you to install the kernel from the default Ubuntu Repository. Since you installed the kernel 3.8.x not from the repository but from other places, it would be the reason that you get that much trouble. You can install the same kernel version i,e 3.8.x from the repository in Ubuntu 12.04.

Since many have got similar issues, including me, I've already solved it before. I'm providing the link that can help you:

Experiences major issues on graphics displays

Except 3rd step just go through it precisely. Reply if you get any trouble.

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I didn't get any error but a message after sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a that Package libmysqlclients18` is not installed and no info is available Use dpkg --info(= dpkg-deb --info) to list their contents and dpkg --contents(= dpkg-deb --contents) to list their contents. usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure : libmysqlclinet18 is not installed` – shailendra Dec 27 '13 at 16:56
I didnt get my system working still – shailendra Dec 28 '13 at 8:55
There would be two reasons that you're getting these issues: 1. It would be possible that the kernel you installed doesn't support and 2. You might have residual configuration or broken packages or both. You can check (list) residual configuration and broken packages by executing this command: sudo dpkg -l | grep -e "^rc" -e "^iU". If it gives any output, means you've either rc or broken packages where rc is residual packages and iU means broken packages.. Reply.. – Saurav Kumar Dec 28 '13 at 16:16
i think the kernel support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and i didn't get any output after dpkg -l | grep -e "^rc" -e "^iU".Well i am posting one more question regarding why i opted for a kernel upgrade. – shailendra Dec 30 '13 at 11:26
@shailendra: Now it is confirmed that the kernel you installed doesn't support. I just wanted from you to confirm this. You can solve your issue, if you install the kernel from the default Ubunut Repository instead downloading the binary file and installing it. I'm editing my answer.. – Saurav Kumar Dec 31 '13 at 4:41

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