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Is it possible to deploy the OpenStack bundle to one machine with the CLI?

Is it possible to edit the example.yaml bundle with --to machine?

If yes, how?

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You would need to modify the bundles .yaml file to include the 'to' directives, I don't have any experience with deploying the Openstack bundle specifically to a single machine however.

An example using 'to':

      # The only machine id supported is machine 0
      to: 0
      units: 3
      units: 3
      to: [lxc:wordpress, wordpress]
      units: 4
      to: [wordpress, wordpress, wordpress, wordpress]
      to: lxc:wordpress=2

You can find more information on the deployer here:

Additional information on deploying bundles from the CLI and the GUI can be found here:

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You can install openstack-in-a-box using DevStack.

It is not a production setup, but it is pretty easy to install and get up and running from the CLI.

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