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Since Valve has already been doing UEFI-only booting USB installers with their Steam OS and UNetbootin — the top voted alternative to Ubuntu's Startup Disk Creator — isn't UEFI compatible and therefore misleading, we should have a separate topic for creating UEFI-only booting USB live media.

There is also one advantage to creating UEFI-only booting USB live media: You know that it definitely booted via UEFI.

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Where the heck is Ubuntu 12.04 .iso should be located for this instruction, then? –  KOTYAR Jun 16 at 19:23
@KOTYAR Excuse me, what is you problem? The question was definitely not about how to browse and download from the Ubunutu.com website. –  LiveWireBT Jun 16 at 19:47
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Instructions on how to add an overlay filesystem are very much welcome.

Creating the media

Creating UEFI-only booting USB live media is pretty straight forward. Just copy the files to your FAT-formatted USB drive. That's it!

1. Example via terminal

You can do something like the following if 604A-00EA is your USB drive and you already have p7zip installed:

$ 7z x ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso -o/media/$USER/604A-00EA/

You're done if you have only one partition on this USB drive, otherwise you need to flag the partition as bootable e.g. via parted:

# parted /dev/sdX set 1 boot on

Where /dev/sdX would be your USB stick and 1 the partition number that should be used to boot.

2. Example via GUI

  1. Mount the .iso-file and copy the contents over to your USB drive. Press Ctrl+H in Nautilus to display and copy hidden files as well.

    nautilus showing Disk Image Mounter in context menu when .iso-file is selected

  2. Add the boot flag via GParted.

    GParted showing how to manage partition flags

3. Example on Windows

  1. Same as above, just copy files.
  2. Press Windows/Super+X, go to diskmanagement and check if the partition is marked as active.

    Please stop using pre-WWI grade operating systems like XP or 7 for usability's sake.

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