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I've installed Ubuntu 13.10 in my laptop, an ASUS S56CB, also called ASUS K56CB in other countries.

My first problem is the power consumption. In Windows 8 I get 4h30min viewing video with all switched off and 25% brightness. In Ubuntu I get 3h with all off and 5% brightness. On normal use, surfing and other stuff, I get 3h45min in Windows and a surprising 1h50min in Ubuntu. I can live with the same or a bit less autonomy than Windows, but this goes to the half than the Microsoft SO.

The other problem is installing the drivers. I've installed several drivers from different sources, from the official page of Nvidia and from a couple of PPAs through Bumblebee and other stuff like that. The laptop now works great, and I don't care much about the drivers of the graphic card because the HD4000 gives me simple acceleration for CCSM and Unity.

The question is if the high power consumption can be anormaly high due to the graphic card, because if the GPU don't have the drivers, the SO can administrate it good and wastes a lot of energy. By now, writing this and listen in spotify, the laptop consumes 21.9W.

EDIT1: CPUFreq, as I think, works good and yes, I try tlp mode.

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Please give your description some structure by using formating and paragraphs. Also please ask a clear question, you can also use that for the title. – LiveWireBT Dec 25 '13 at 19:37

I have that laptop and I've solved the problem this way: How to turn off dGPU on Asus S56CB aka K56CB with Bumblebee?

We're basically renouncing to use the 740m but for my everyday use I can live without that. Anyway I would be very thankful if anyone could tell us if there's a fully working driver for this card.

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