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I keep on getting errors when trying to Upgrade, but really, I like my current setup so I just want the new Unity interface. How to I upgrade it?

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Unity Compiz is not backported to 10.10. But if you want to check out unity. You can use Unity-2d. Here are the installation instructions How do I install the Unity 2D desktop?. Basically you can use compiz with unity-2d, I did it in 10.10. As far as netbook edition go, I think it is merged into desktop iso and a package named ubuntu-netbook is provided. You may try upgrading from iso which will try to keep up your current settings as well. But upgrading basically keeps your settings.

But you may search for ppas. Since ubuntu 11.04 is not using gnome3 you may get lucky.

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The idea of creating a backport for Maverick was rejected. See

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