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Thank you for reading my question, but thank you even more for answering!

My setup is as followed: An Acer laptop using an SSD with Ubuntu installed in the deticated "hdd" SATA slot, and a HDD with Windows installed in the optical SATA slot (I've removed the dvd drive).

When booting the system I've got two option in POST:

  1. (F2) BIOS configurations/Boot order.

  2. (F12) select a device to boot, either my HDD (Windows 7) or my SSD (Ubuntu 13.10).

When pressing F2 I can change the Boot order, but only one of the storage devices shows up the HDD (under the name "HDD0: ST950032...").

The result is a system that always boots the hdd (windows) unless said otherwise, when my goal was to have it the other way around.

So my the question is: how can I select the SSD in the boot order list? (or another fancy solution will do also)

Additional info:

  1. The SSD is a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB

  2. When removing the hdd, the ssd shows up again and boots it.

  3. It seems that the SSD is in SATA Port 0 and the HDD is in SATA port 2

  4. this post descibed a very similar problem but its not the same, my drives both contain their own OS and nothing more.

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How old is your laptop/machine ? Is BIOS of machine older than ssd-harddisk ?! which BIOS-mode is enabled ? - UEFI or EFI ? BIOS should be enabled to EFI. (Windows-disk should be master, cause Windows always boots as master, and Ubuntu-disk should be slave. The boot-manager (grub) should be in sda (=Windows-disk) - sdb is (=Ubuntu-disk). Try this ?! –  dschinn1001 Dec 25 '13 at 14:22
Thank you for the reply! My Laptop is about a year old (Acer Aspire V3 571G) and the BIOS is insydeH20 1.07. There are no options available to change this mde (UEFI, EFI, master,slave,etc). the BIOS is limited in many ways. The sda/sdb is something i haven't thought about time for some research –  Pascal Dec 25 '13 at 17:25
??? you can not choose between UEFI or EFI ?! - there is only one fixed option ? cannot be ... check it slowly without hurrying, if you can switch between EFI and UEFI. there are keys for this explained on the right side in the BIOS-settings (to get there via key 'F2' before start of booting). When am not wrong there is BIOS 1.12 out for Acer Aspire, but don't know currently where is to get a clean BIOS-flash.exe for this. This is not for beginners and BIOS-flash mostly works only under Windows. –  dschinn1001 Jan 2 at 14:06

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