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I've installed the lastest Nvidia driver for my Graphic Card (a .run file), I've followed Nvidia instructions ( and placed .run file in home, then I Ctrl+Alt+F1:

cd ~
sudo source lightdm stop
sudo sh #(and I installed the driver)
sudo source lightdm start

After doing this every time I switch on the PC after the booting screen I can see just a black screen with a flashing underscore and I can't do anything, even open the terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F(n). I no longer see an Nvidia logo after the booting screen.

I tried to use recovery mode and (with "Drop to root shell prompt" mode) type sudo source lightdm start, but it gave me an error, then I tried sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but it couldn't find the file, then I tried to uninstall and reinstall anything related to Nvidia as shown here: Blank screen after installing nvidia restricted driver, but nothing.

What should I try in your opinion?

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Try removing bumblebee that is reported to be the source of problem with latest Nvidia drivers:

sudo apt-get --purge remove bumblebee

If this doesn't work, try purging all propietary Nvidia installed through the .run file, reinstall nvidia-331 through PPA, then remove/purge bumblebee.

This worked for me in 13.10 (x64): Problem with Nvidia driver 331.20 on ubuntu 13.10 (64bit)

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