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Hello and happy holidays, I've got a problem I can' t seem to fix at the moment. I've got two storage media on my laptop. One SSD with Ubuntu 13.10 and one HDD with windows 7 (connected on the Optical drives SATA with the use of an hddcaddy).

Now I want to be able to select the drive I want to boot from the BIOS. So if I want to browse/program/work I boot the SSD with ubuntu and when I need to run Windows apps I boot the HDD.

Now when I try to change the boot order, I see that only one storage media pops up, the windows HDD. So it can only boot in "windows mode".

When I remove the HDD (remove the optical bay's hdd caddy) I can see my SSD again and I can boot ubuntu again.

Both storage media's are named HDD0: DIFFERENT SERIAL NUMBERS HERE

I'm using an Acer Laptop with insydeH2O as BIOS.

So my question is what I'm doing wrong and how can I fix this problem and let both storage media's talk to each other in perfect harmony.

Thank you in advance, Pascal

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