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I have a broadband connection through my ISP (Hathway), using a cable modem. I wish to share the internet connection to my laptop, and the phone.

Refer to this configuration guide at 12.10 Wireless hotspot configuration and internet browsing - question

As of now, my laptop and phone are able to detect the WiFi hotspot and able to connect. But I am unable to browse / connect to the internet.

When I set up this connection, I see that it requires the DNS for the ISP, which I do not know. How do I set up domain-name-servers if I have a DHCP based IP address from the service provider.

Secondly, can the IP address of the hotspot be the DNS ?

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one option is making a shared conetion between your pc and laptops,

  1. on pc that share conection (server) ckick on network icon and make a new conection put some pass type and pass
  2. in client , find the new network and conect it, entering the same pass on server

, but this type somte timees is not compatible with androids phone,(have to download some app and root your phone... here more info and pics

other option is installing ap-hotspot, this way it's more compatible with androids phones, but some card networks isn't compatible, and then you have to enter it manually.

  1. open a terminal and write sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

    press enter

    sudo apt-get update

    press enter

    sudo apt-get install ap-hotspot

  2. now write sudo ap-hotspot startand if your card support AP mode you can configure network name and password

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