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I am having issues running games on Wine. In Ubuntu my native resolution is 1600x900 and I have the Nvidia 3.19 drivers, yet when games load under Wine (version 1.7) they default to 1028x768 resolution.

I have tried to adjust resolution in-game to 1600x900 (it is an option) but then I only get 1/3rd of the screen to display. I played around with Winetricks and Winecfg and was able to get Civilization 5, to launch and play in 1600x900, but the same things I used for that won't work on other games. I did this by unchecking all the boxes in winecfg for the program, loaded into the game then went to the settings play in windowed mode, then switched resolution to 1600x900 and unchecked play in windowed mode...don't ask me how I figured that out, seems more like luck. Regardless I have tried that in other games and it doesn't work, I have also tried running a virtual dekstop at 1600x900 to no avail. It doesn't matter what programs I run in Wine, they all default to the 1028 res.

It seems as if Wine is defaulting any program to the 1028x768 resolution. When I exit any of those games my Ubuntu deskstop is now in that resolution as well.

I am trying to run games through Steam (for Windows games, windows install through Wine), and am running 12.04 LTS. Any native-Linux games run fine. As I am new to Ubuntu, please dumb down any instructions, thanks!!

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