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I use Audacious as my music player, and was using Panflute Applet to control the playback right from the superior menu bar.

As I recently upgraded to Natty Narwhal, and it doesn't support applets anymore, I can no longer use it.

Can you guys suggest something similar to this applet (maybe there's an indicator that controls media playback, but I couldn't find it) that works with Natty?

Here's a screenshot of the applet:

panflute applet

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Seems like panflute is going to be abandoned. As rhythmbox and banshee are both integrated with sound menu, I think you could either choose one of the following. Or you could use Covergloobus which says it supports audacious but you wont have as much control as sound menu. As for alternative to panflute, I donot know of any such applications.

Or you may just enable systray icon of audacious. I am using audacious that way.

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As a temporary workaround, type "gnome-panel" into a terminal, to get your old panel back, then fiddle until you get the functionality of both unity and gnome's panels. More info here:

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