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How many physical processors does ubuntu support? I have a 4 socket server mainboard with 4 dual core AMD Opterons. Will Ubuntu support all 8 processors. I also have plans to upgrade to 6 core Opterons making this a 24 processor machine. Any problem supporting this many processors? Thank you.

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12.04 LTS (and later):

  • Desktop/Server 32-bit: 8 cores/CPUs
  • Desktop/Server 64-bit: 256 cores/CPUs (but LiveCD supports 64 by default)

11.10 and below, including 10.04 LTS

  • Desktop/Server 32-bit: 8 cores/CPUs
  • Desktop 64-bit: 64 cores/CPUs
  • Server 64-bit: 256 cores/CPUs
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Could you also link to official sources? – Aditya Dec 23 '13 at 15:16

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