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How do you label a Launcher icon which has no icon label

For example I added gtkpod but I have a black square where an icon should be. How do I add an icon?

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can you add the contents of the *.place you created? There should be an option in there that points to an icon. That's the icon it should show (if it is there on your disc). – Rinzwind May 3 '11 at 0:07

First you can try to reinstall it at the Software Center.

If it does not work, check /usr/share/applications/gtkpod.desktop it should look like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=gtkpod iPod Manager
GenericName=iPod Manager
Comment=Manage music and video on an Apple iPod

If the file matches this one check if you have the gtkpod icon in your icon theme /usr/share/icons/ should be under apps or devices.

Also if you have a custom .desktop for gtkpod in ~/.local/share/applications/ you can rename the file foo-bar.old, so the original file should work properly.

After you do everything above, just logout then back to restart unity.

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  • Right click desktop -> Create Launcher...
  • Write a name
  • Click browse next to the command and browse to the executable (most likely in /usr/bin).
  • Write comment (optional)
  • Click the little rocket icon to change the icon to whatever you like.
  • Click OK
  • Drag launcher to Unity bar.

Easier than creating .desktop files in my book, and works just as well.

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