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I wrote a java program first time on Linux.

This is where my program is located:

Desktop> APCS (folder)> Chapter5 (folder) >

I know that to compile I have to type javac and to run "java Test".

Before that, I have to type cd Desktop, cd APCS, cd Chapter5.

Is there any short way to navigate to

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Two ways to shorten the time it takes to go down multiple directories:

  • You can go down multiple levels at a time, so you can type cd Desktop/APCS/Chapter5
  • Pressing TAB while typing a directory or file name will automatically complete the rest of the filename for you. So if you are in your home folder and need to cd to your desktop, you can type the first two or three letters of Desktop and press tab to automatically complete it

If you need to compile and run your program a lot, make a shell script on your desktop or somewhere else with:

javac ~/Desktop/APCS/Chapter5/
java ~/Desktop/APCS/Chapter5/Test
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You can just use the full path.

Try using these commands:

javac ~/Desktop/APCS/Chapter5/
java ~/Desktop/APCS/Chapter5/Test

(This assumes the compiled output is in a filename named Test in the same directory)

Ultimately, though, you'll have to retype the path and change it accordingly for when the path changes.

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