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I follow the guide , Using Universal USB Installer 1.9. I don't creat a new disk before intallation, and I modify my computer to boot from USB disk (In BIOS, boot item, I choose "legacy only").

all is well until the following: enter image description here

the disks (/dev/sdb*) are: enter image description here

No matter what disk I choose, the prompt infomation is the same.

so I back and back, and walk into the ubuntu system, I found nothing. so I click the up-right button choosing "logout", and terrible things happened:

1.I cannot restart or shutdown ubuntu. when I click the button "restart" or "shut down", it shows no reaction. enter image description here

I even tried Log in. All I know is my windows 8 username and password, But ubuntu doesn't recognize them. It said: invalid password.

enter image description here

I realized my computer was stuck in this link. I cannot log in ubuntu. cannot restart or shut down. So I decided to give a positive closing.

But afer that, I couldn't boot from USB disk! It just shows the first ubuntu picture and then no reaction! the computer screen is in a big black and only a white cursor was flashing on the left up corner.

I still cannot go back to windows. which means the whole computer doesnot work!

what should I do now? thank you in advance.

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