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I've been trying to get some linux distro - ANY linux distro - to function on an HP DL380 G4. I have an array of six 36gb SCSI320-SCA drives on the onboard HP SmartArray 6i controler; not a single thing I've tried thus far (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Porteus, Zorin...) has detected any logical volumes to install to. I went to HP's website and looked into an .rpm driver, and found that I was expected to "copy the file to my hard drive and install it from there" - really? I have to put the disk driver on to the disk so I can use that disk in the first place?

I'm really getting tired of this and might just put Win2K on it and be done. How exactly do I go about installing Linux from a CD onto this RAID array?

Much appreciated.

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