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tl;dr: ubuntu box has low net speed (~2.7MB/s), other PC, running W8 achieves ~7MB/s. Over lan those PCs achieve around ~9MB/s between each other. Why is my Ubuntu 12.04 64bit server internet speed low, when over LAN it works fine? Nethogs shows nothing.

i have freshly installed system on my "second" rig (intel e4300, 1.5GB ram, 100/100mbit realtek and 80GB HDD for now).. I am just getting the hang of linux and planning on having it used as a router and using it instead of my current old outdated router (tplink). My internet connection speed is 100/100mbit.

Anyways, the problem is.

My usual desktop (quad core intel) achieves ok speeds to the internet around 60/60mbit (current router doesnt manage more atm). My ubuntu 12.04 64bit server achieves only 20mbit download, tested by downloading 1GB file from ftp. In windows it was through chrome, on ubuntu through cli wget*.

However when i try to download/upload a file from the ubuntu to windows the speeds hover around 9-10MB/s. So there must be something limiting the internet speed on Ubuntu.

  • I also installed nethogs as was recommened by someone when i googled for the cause of the problem, but it has shown nothing using the internet connection.

  • cpu isnt used at all (gets to maybe ~30% copying over lan at 9MB/s)

  • RAM isnt taken either, around 20% used

  • ethtool gives this info Speed: 100Mb/s Duplex: Full

  • ping is ~11.4 to / no packet loss

  • tried disabling ipv6, like adviced here

Thank you for you time and help.

  • I tested only one machine at a time and with about 30sec in between, so i doubt it was third party fault. I let it download about 500MB both times. On windows machine the avg. speed was around ~7MB/s, on ubuntu ~2.6MB/s.
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I havent resolved the issue, but i went ahead and started using the cpu as a router. Net speeds are around ~90MBit (sometimes higher, ISP bottleneck i think) and the speed on other devices is also perfect. :) [SOLVED] by doing it differently –  whiller Dec 22 '13 at 19:49

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