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I have run into a situation where I'd like to get my wireless working without the benefit of a monitor, by sshing in. I have KDE on the system, have enabled autologin for one of the users and would now like to set up the wireless to automatically connect without kwallet prompting me for a password. (That way I can ditch my ethernet cable and move my computer out of the way).

I assume that this requires me to store the password in an unencrypted file; that's just fine with me. I've run across some ways to do that via the gui (such as this solution) but, for my circumstances, I need to be able to pull this off via ssh.

Would anyone know how to accomplish this? It would be much appreciated.

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@virtualxtc It's certainly close, but the key point is that I'd like to use knetworkmanager to accomplish this, as it's aready insatlled and working. Still, I'll see if there's a tip in that link that I might be able to include in what I'm trying to do. – neanderslob Dec 22 '13 at 3:41
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You can't; knetworkmanager is a graphical front end for network-manager, and thus is not controlled via the command line. However, there are tools for managing network manager, see this post: Connecting to wireless networks from command line

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Ah, I see. Does that mean that the question is indeed the same as the one you linked to? – neanderslob Dec 22 '13 at 4:17
it's actually a dupe of the article I linked above. – virtualxtc Dec 22 '13 at 9:23

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