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I'm trying to do some research about streaming method on VLC, so my first choice is UDP. I have 2 PC connected on WLAN using Windows 7 as hotspot, Windows 7 IP is with Pentium T4500 dual core at 2.3 GHz and 2 GB RAM, and Ubuntu IP is with Intel Core i7 CPU @2GHz x 8 and 2 GB RAM. This is what I do on Windows PC:

  1. Open VLC, click Media > Stream, add my MP4 video file with 636*360 pixel resolution and the size is 291 MB, and I click Stream, and Next.
  2. On this dialog windows, I choose UDP (legacy) and click Add, then I fill the Address box with Ubuntu IP, then I click Next.
  3. The next dialog box I check the Activate Transcoding check box, and the profile is set to Video - H.264 + MP3 (MP4) by default, so I just click Next.
  4. On the next windows I just click Stream, Stream all elementary streams check box unchecked.
  5. Up to this step, VLC on Windows PC seek bar is moving just like it is playing the video, but without sound or picture, so I guess everything is normal and VLC is streaming.

In Ubuntu PC:

  1. Open VLC, Media > Open Network Stream, and I fill the box with udp://@:1234, and click Play

The video is playing, but it is in poor quality, it jagged every 2-3 seconds, and just hang in there with boxes around the screen, after 10 seconds or so, it play again for 2-3 second and then jagged again.

So my first question is:

  • Did I do something wrong? What could be the problem of poor streaming? Is my Windows PC is not powerful enough?

Thats my first guess so this time I decided to use my Ubuntu PC as streaming server. On Ubuntu PC, I do exactly the same as what I did on Windows PC, except for Address I put my Windows PC IP, however after step 5, VLC on Ubuntu PC doesn't play the video without picture and sound like VLC on Windows PC did. Then I try to receive the video stream in Windows PC, but nothing happened.

And my second question is:

  • Why can't I stream the same video using same method from Ubuntu to Windows?
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to steaming media you have to use minidlna or similar upnp/dlna servers streamers –  user091230912 Dec 21 '13 at 13:13
What does that mean? But I already able to stream from W7 to Ubuntu, what makes me curious is why cant I do it from Ubuntu to Windows? –  Nur Dec 22 '13 at 16:05

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