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how to merge that unallocated 11gb partition to sda5 "/" (which is extended partition under sda3) please help me i m out of space ! *i m unable to merge that unallocated partition with sda5 nor sda3 :( i m new to ubuntu

enter image description here

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Your partition must not be mounted to be resized. Related question has been answered here: Resizing my linux partition

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You need to boot from a live cd or usb and then use gparted.

Try looking here on how to put ubuntu on a usb stick. Then boot your system from the stick (select the try ubuntu option). From there you can use gparted like shown here . Be careful on what you do with this tool otherwise you risk loosing all your data; my advice is to backup the data somewhere before doing anything.

Remember you CANNOT modify a partition when you are currently using it.

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Yes you can be able to merge the unallocated space to /dev/sda5.Follow the below steps,

  • Right click on the /dev/sda3 partition and select resize option to add the unallocated space to the extended partition.

  • Now the unallocated space comes under the /dev/sda7 partition.

  • Right-click on the /dev/sda7,select resize option and move the slider to the extreme that the unallocated space moves above sda7.

  • Then do the same for move the unallocated space above the sda6.

  • Noe right click on the sda5 partition and add the unallocated space by selecting Resize option.

Note: No partitions should be mounted like the above screenshot.

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