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I have been using ubuntu for a month and until now there were no problems. After I ran the automatic updates last night,today ubuntu can no longer boot, even with Ctrl+Alt+F1. I can't boot to run commands.

Tried everything from recovery console, I entered command shell from recovery console (I think that is the right term) to try and add these commands I found on the ubuntu help forums regarding nvidia drivers:sudo apt-get purge nvidia-304 and sudo apt-get nvidia current, but it doesn't recognize these commands. So basically after starting computer all I see is a line that keeps blinking and nothing works.

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what is the output of startx command – Maythux Dec 24 '13 at 10:46

I think the ploblem is about the new kernel 3.8.0-34 with the proprietary driver of nvidia. I solved with a new istallation of ubuntu 12.04 without update the kernel and istall only driver raccomanded by jokey (319.xx ). I don't know if there is a solution less complicated. with rescue mode I try but I don't solved.

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