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I want to remove Windows 7 from my Toshiba Satellite and do a fresh install of Ubuntu on it. How can I get that done?

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Regret I do not concur. The linked prior answer refers to WUBI which is depreciated, and does not explicitly refer to what the OP wanted, to completely remove Win7. – K7AAY Dec 20 '13 at 18:59

Go to the Ubuntu download Page and get one of the Ubuntu versions. Then download usb universal installer and boot up using a flash or CD. Then after that you have the option while installing to wipe everything and install Ubunut.


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Follow the official Ubuntu instructions. In the Installation Type screen of the installation, choose the second option, select Erase disk and install Ubuntu, then select the hard drive to which you want to install Ubuntu. This will completely erase Windows 7 from your machine.

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