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I installed Ubuntu 13.10 on my Aspire 4810T parallel to Windows 7. I'd like to test Ubuntu and remove Windows forever. But I have a problem with my network-manager. In any case it tells me, that there is no hardware available. I have ethernet (Atheros 8131 Gigabit Ethernet) and WiFi (Intel WiFi Link 5100) available and it works in Windows!! Furthermore the network-manager is re-starting a dozen times a minute (process-number changes from one second to another).

I already checked out some reports similar to this: NetworkManager broken after upgrade to Kubuntu Saucy

Nothing works! Actually, it is the third time it works - I mean the network-manager runs correctly and I have internet access. But usually it takes me 5-6 hours a day to make it works... and I can't repeat it. Next time: same steps - another result.

Anybody have an idea, what the hell is going wrong??


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