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I'm trying to install xubuntu 13.10 on a dell 15R 5537 (http://www.dell.com/fr/p/inspiron-15r-5537/pd?oc=cnr1505&model_id=inspiron-15r-5537)

I built a bootable usb key, but then choosing "try without installing", I have the blue screen with Xubuntu and the spinning ring, but after that it's just a black screen with an underscore on the upper-left corner.

Then, instead of "try without installing", I chose Install. I did "something else", I made - a swap partition - a partition for / in ext4 - a partition for my data in /usr/local and I did nothing about the existing partition for EFI.

The install was ok, when I reboot I can choose ubuntu in the grub options, but then I have again the blue screen with the xubuntu logo, and after again this black screen with the underscore.

I can boot in console mode. But doing "startx" leads to an error : (EE) no screen found(EE) and other things...

After all this, I tried to boot with a live usb with ubuntu 13.04, and here again, black screen...

Any ideas would be welcome ! Thanks

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