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I have 750GB Internal Hard-Disk, with 4 partition.

One partition is for Ubuntu, Another 3 partition are only for storage.

One of my partition name was "Virtual Box". Suddenly, Partition name in sidebar shows "Virtual Box", But when i check properties of partition it shows "/media/Virtual Box2/"

enter image description here

And When i Go to Command line and do ls inside /media/ directory. It shows below 3 partition. enter image description here

And I have Ubuntu Virtual box file in my "Virtual Box" partition, but it says "Access Denied" for "Virtual Box1" Name there.

enter image description here

Kindly help me in Fixing my Partition. I am not able to open my "virtualbox" file.

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Oh Thanks, Can any 'Moderator', move my question there. Thanks – John Cargo Dec 19 '13 at 10:13
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Please edit your question with the output of ls -l of the /media/???/ directory. Obfuscating the file paths really isn't necessary, BTW. – douggro Dec 19 '13 at 15:36
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When we take a look to your ls -l /media/$USER we will make sure. But the guesses now is that you have not 1 but 2 directories called Virtual Box in /media/$USER. The easiest way to solve this is:

  1. Make all directories symbolic links of /media/$USER/Virtual Box:

    sudo umount /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box2
    sudo umount /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box1
    sudo umount /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box
    mv /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box2 /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box
    mv /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box1 /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box
    ln -s /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box2 /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box
    ln -s /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box1 /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box
  2. Remove the others directories and remount the drive again:

    sudo umount /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box2
    sudo umount /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box1
    sudo umount /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box
    rm -ri /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box2
    rm -ri /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box1
    rm -ri /media/$USER/Virtual\ Box

    Restart the system.

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