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I have 2 network shares (storage_1tba, storage_1tbb) and 1 local partition (140Gb fs...) auto-mounted in /etc/fstab.

PCmanFM sidebar reports those 3 locations, but only 2 are reported as mounted.

When I try to open the storage_1tb1 in PCmanFM default mount points, I receive a error:

mount: according to mtab, // is already mounted on /media/storage_1tba mount failed

PCmanFM screenshot

You can see in screenshot, bellow red outline is a bookmark named storage_1tba - I use that one for accessing.

my /etc/fstab contents:

//     /media/storage_1tba     cifs    defaults,user=myuser,password=storage    0       0
//     /media/storage_1tbb     cifs    defaults,user=myuser,password=storage    0       0

UUID=04AA1F0D08487C1A   /media/docs     ntfs    defaults        0       1

I tried with defaults option and without. Same effect

And I am used to this situation, but still... I was wondering if there is something misconfigured that I receive this error and can't use default sidebar mount points

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