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My hard disk is bad and instead of buying a new one I would prefer to boot from my external hard drive. I installed 13.10 on it. When I boot I get

1.168876 kernel panic- not syncing: no init found. try passing init)option to kernel I followed the instructions here:

Installing Ubuntu on external hard disk

I have tried booting with the hard drive connected and disconnected. I installed with it disconnected. Seemed to hang up with it connected.

when I look at the files on the hard drive, I notice there are no files under Home/gary except "Examples."

I ran a smart test using GSmart Control and the quick test says all is normal. The extended test keeps crashing. I tried copying a file to the drive but I get an error message saying the operation was completed with errors. The file is not copied to the drive.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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That looks like hardware error. I think that either your harddrive or USB port is faulty (or the USB casing of the drive). –  falconer Dec 19 '13 at 11:03

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